The Blackett
Lab Family

A collective of UK based Black physicists

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About Us

We are a social enterprise made up of people from a variety of professions and specialisms all over the country, who share a passion for physics and positive representations of the Black community.

Our story began in 2006 at the world-renowned Blackett Laboratory – the physics department at Imperial College London. Dr Mark Richards, an eminent physicist and senior teaching fellow there, decided to take on two Black students as their academic and social mentor.

Very much a tiny fraction of the student and staff body, what began as three ‘Blackett Brothers’ would soon grow to become:
The Blackett Lab Family.

Today, we are a growing national collective of talented, successful and influential people making waves in education, research, industry, technology, finance and law.

Meet the Team


Senior Lecturer

Mark Richards

Chair of the Committee


Assistant Headteacher

Jon Gordon

Overall Strategic Lead


PhD Student

Sophie Martin

Media & Communiciations Strategic Lead


MSci Physics Student

Benyam Dejen

Outreach Strategic Lead


Computer Scientist

Ose Pedro

Community Strategic Lead

Our Mission

Diversifying perceptions of physics and addressing Black underrepresentation at all levels in the field

We aim to


We highlight, celebrate, and give voice to an underrepresented group of Black individuals qualified in or engaging with physics


We connect UK based Black physicists to each other to form a community of talent and knowledge, and share this passion with the world


We inspire ourselves and others – regardless of gender, ethnicity, orientation, ability, or background – but especially the future generation of UK based Black physicists

Our long-term objectives are to 

Increase the number of Black UK domiciled students enrolled onto a physics or physics-related course or scheme

Set up a network of support, mentorship, and opportunities for past, current, and future UK based Black physicists

Raise the knowledge, awareness and appreciation of physics in the Black community

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