... so nice we had to do it twice!

We are proud and excited to be launching the comeback of our physics summer experience for Year 11 and Year 12 students of Black heritage!

As a network of UK based Black physicists, we are passionate about increasing Black representation and sharing the many cool and lucrative opportunities that physics at school and beyond can offer you!

That's why we are linking up once again this summer with several world-leading institutions to bring you an immersive physics experience like no other!

We're bringing to you two summer programmes: a single-day, online and a three-day, in-person experience of physics – both totally free to attend! Find out more below!

What, where & when?

RP2024 Online

RP2024 Online will be hosted by us on the video platform Zoom and will be taking place on Monday 12 August 2024. That means you will only need a mobile phone, tablet or computer with internet access to take part and so this programme is open to applicants across the UK. Some of the exciting activities you can look forward to are:

+ Lectures by leading researchers

That means learning about cool physics topics like quantum mechanics and general relativity from leading researchers in their fields.

+ Expert admissions advice

You'll have access to university admissions experts to get top tips and advice about how to best prepare yourself for the next stages and present yourself in your application and at interview.

+ Networking with Black physicists and professionals

Chat away and hear about the wonderful experiences Black physicists who are active researchers in the field as well as those who have branched out into other fields such as finance, law and music.

RP2024 London

RP2024 London is a three-day, in-person programme hosted by us across three London-based institutions: The Blackett Laboratory, National Physical Laboratory and Institute of Physics from Monday 19 August 2024 - Wednesday 21 August 2024. This is a non-residential programme, which means that you will need to be able to arrange your own travel between your home, or hotel, and the main site The Blackett Laboratory (Physics department) at Imperial College London on each day.

+ Taster of the undergraduate experience

That's right! You'll get a feel for what it's like to be a physics undergraduate at university: lectures, experiments in labs and everything in-between.

+ Witness cutting edge science

We've got a you behind the scenes access to the National Physical Laboratory where you will meet scientists and observe cutting-edge science in fields like environmental and medical physics.

+ Explore physics & identity

We'll explore and reflect on Black identity in physics, and lead your discovery of Black British physicists and their contributions at the home of the Institute of Physics.

Am I eligible?

We recognise the fact that people of Black-heritage are severely underrepresented among those studying physics and physics-related subjects, and working in physics-related fields. Our mission is to change that! Therefore, we encourage you to apply if you are:

We strongly recommend you apply even if you are not totally sure whether physics is right for you but want to know more before committing to your next steps!

What will I get?

An authentic experience
designed for us, by us

University, apprenticeship and career advice
provided by experts

A chance to meet and vibe
with fellow and like-minded students

Great material
to add to your CV, cover letters and personal statement

How do I apply?

Click on the link below to apply for our programme.

Our application forms will ask you for:

  • Personal and contact information
  • Contact details for your parent / carer / guardian
  • Your school and a nominated teacher
  • Information about why you want to take part in our programme (150-200 words)
  • Which programme you would like to apply for (you can apply for either or both!)
We will be in touch soon with updates.

Key dates

  • Student applications open

  • Student applications close

  • Teacher reference deadline

  • Decisions announced & registration opens

  • RP2024 Online

  • RP2024 London begins!

  • RP2024 London ends


We are a network of UK based Black physicists. Our mission is to diversify perceptions of physics and promote Black representation at all levels in the field.

The programme will be lead by one of our company directors, Benyam Dejen and a dedicated team of trained, DBS-checked members who will supervise the students and oversee activities.

RP2024 is designed to be totally-free to attend. For attendees of RP2024 London, we will cover the costs of food and travel to and from the programme.

We welcome students of Black heritage of all abilities, including those with additional needs, to apply to the programme. During registration, you will be able to tell us more about your needs so we can make the programme as safe and inclusive as possible.

The Representing Physics programmes are designed to encourage students of Black heritage - currently significantly underrepresented in the field – to consider pursuing a physics or physics-related course. If you are not of Black heritage, we encourage you to consider alternative summer schools and programmes if you are interested in physics.

This is a non-residential programme, therefore your primary residence must be in London to be considered for RP2024 Online & London. If you do not live in London but still meet the other eligiblility requirements, we encourage you to apply to RP2024 Online.

RP2024 is designed for students who are currently (at the time of applying) in Year 11, Year 12 or equivalent. If you are not in either year group at the time of applying, we encourage you to consider alternative summer schools and programmes if you are interested in physics.

Due to the limited number of places, we're unable to accept applications from last year's cohort. However, we'll be in touch with ways you can engage with this year's cohort soon!

RP2024 Online and RP2024 London are complementary programmes offering a range of experiences and opportunities to students of Black heritage interested in physics. We ask that you commit to attend all days of both programmes, otherwise consider applying to RP2024 Online only.

You will receive confirmation by email about the outcome of your application and you'll recieve information about the registration process.

You will receive confirmation by email about the outcome of your application. If unsuccessful, you will still have the opportunity to opt in to our mailing list with helpful resources and info about future events hosted by The Blackett Lab Family.

Our members have completed a post-16 qualification in physics or a physics related course. We encourage you to continue with physics so that you can join the crew too!

We welcome questions or enquiries about Representing Physics 2023. You can get in touch with us at outreach@theblackettlabfamily.com.

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